What's New: November 4th, 2022


New! 🚀

Core Updates

  • Kiosk+:
    • Videos in Coaching Notes: We added videos back into coaching notes so customers can now utilize that functionality when building out their workouts.
    • Collapsible Videos:  Component videos are now hidden by default which is a functionality similar to how they operate in the mobile App.
  • Workouts > Perform: We also changed the name of the Workout tab to be labeled Perform.


  • Announcements 2.0: The new announcements page not only looks sleeker but will also include CK editor functionality to enhance announcements displayed to clients.


  • Card Reader in Simple Sign-in: We also added our card reader functionality to the simple sign-in kiosk, which provides a quicker checkout experience for clients that are dropping into their fitness business of choice.

Mobile App Updates

  • Coach View:  The anticipated Coach View is finally here! This is a tool for coaches to easily manage classes and clients directly from their mobile devices. They’ll be able to sign in clients, view performance history, access coaching notes, and more. 



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