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New! Year in Review!🏅

  • Want to see how you did this year?  Check out your Year in Review by clicking on the purple banner on the top left of your screen. 
  • The year in review will give you an overview of your attendance data, component usage, as well as other important metrics in your gym.

Personal Services Beta

  • Developed an integration with Google to allow coaches to sync their calendar with the Wodify Appointment Calendar. 
  • Beta gyms will now have an 'Appointments by Provider' report to track providers and their appointments for each service.  
  • Beta gyms will now have an 'Appointments by Service' report to track the number of appointments for each service.
  • Financial reporting has been updated to reflect service revenue.
  • Attendance history for appointments can now be viewed in the athlete profile.
  • Users are now able to save a default view on the Appointments Calendar to quickly access their desired view. 
  • The kiosk check in toggle will no longer be locked at the appointment start time. Clients can now be checked into appointments up to eight hours after the appointment ends.

 General Fixes

  • Streamlined athlete imports by making the process more intuitive and error-tolerant.
  • Corrected an issue that was preventing users from deleting membership templates.
  • The automated email template for 'Payment Information Missing' has been restored.


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