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How can I follow up with my Free Trials?


To follow up with Free Trial Leads, Wodify provides four automated emails that are triggered by an athlete signing up for a Free Trial and follows through until after the session the prospective athlete signs up for. 

How to Enable the Free Trial Automated Emails

  • Login to Wodify Admin
  • Click 'Classes' > 'Memberships'
  • Click 'Session Templates' > 'Free Trial'

Once you are within the Free Trial session template you will see a section titled 'Email Templates' and four separate templates listed underneath.

  1. Initial Email - Sent immediately after a prospective athlete purchases a Free Trial session. 
  2. Follow-Up: Attended Email - Sent shortly after the session that the prospective athlete attended. 
  3. Follow-Up: No Show Email - Sent shortly after the session that the prospective athlete reserved a spot, but did not show up.
  4. Free Trial Expired Email - Sent once the free trial expires (if you have enabled an expiration date)

Wodify has preset text for these emails, but they are completely customizable if you wish to create your own messages. If you choose to customize these messages, be sure to not adjust the fields listed in closed brackets [], as these fields pull directly from your Wodify environment. 


To Enable These Messages

  • Toggle the 'Enable this email template' switch to the right so that it turns Purple
  • Click 'Save'
  • Repeat for each template



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