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New! Promo Codes!  

  • Want to run a promotion to attract new members? Try using our new promo code feature!
  • Create promo codes and define what they should apply to by going to Financial > Settings > Discounts / Promo Codes. Check out this help article.
  • Once set up, promo codes can be applied through the POS, the Online Sales Portal as well as the invoice screen to quickly apply promos to the applicable products and memberships.

New! Global Search!

  • This powerful new tool will allow you to find an athlete or lead profile at the click of a button from anywhere in Wodify Admin!
  • Click on the Global Search widget on the top right side of the screen or SHIFT+S from anywhere in the app to bring up the search bar. Type 3 characters to initiate the search, users can search by name, email or phone number. 

Personal Services Beta

  • When booking appointments via the Athlete app, confirmation details have been updated to include the location of the appointment.
  • Clients are now able to add themselves to existing small group appointments using the Athlete app. 
  • A new ‘My Calendar’ view has been added for providers, to quickly view their appointments and manage their appointment calendar.
  • A date selector has been added to the Appointment Calendar view. 
  • Implemented general improvements to the appearance and functionality on the Appointment Calendar and service creation screen. 
  • Updated automated email templates for Appointments to have a more consistent experience. 
  • Blocked time can now be added to multiple services at once to save time when managing the calendar. 

General Fixes

  • Contracts have been updated to clearly reflect any discounts, promo codes or setup fees that are applied. 
  • Printed pages will no longer include the Wodify logo.



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