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How do I apply a promo code?



Promo codes can be applied to products directly from an invoice or from Wodify POS.

On an invoice:

  1. Select the desired invoice
  2. Click 'Actions'
  3. Click 'Add Promo Code' 
  4. Choose the promo code from the drop-down that you would like to apply
  5. Click 'Apply Promo Code'
  6. Eligible items on the invoice will be discount according to the promo code settings

Note: Promo codes cannot be applied to memberships from an invoice, to apply a promo code to a membership follow the steps below.


On the Point of Sale:

  1. Add the desired items to the cart in Wodify POS
  2. In the 'Have a Promo Code?' field, enter the promo code
  3. Click 'Apply'- All Eligible products will be discounted accordingly




Promo codes can be applied to memberships when they are added to the athlete from the athlete profile. 

From the athlete profile:

  1. Click '+New Membership'
  2. Select the desired membership and click 'Customize' 
  3. On the 'Discounts & Pricing' page of the wizard, in 'Discounts & Promo Codes', select the promo code
  4. Choose whether you would like the promo code to apply to the 'Initial, 'Renewal' and/or 'Setup Fee' associated with this plan.  
    Note: Any options that are disabled for the promo code will also be disabled here.
  5. Complete the membership creation wizard and click 'Save'

Note: Promo codes can also be applied after the membership is created if the associated invoice has not yet been paid.


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