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How do I apply a promo code?


Promo Codes can be applied to both Memberships and Products in Wodify. To set up promo codes, go to Financial > Settings > Discounts / Promo Codes. 


Promo codes can be applied to memberships when they are added to the athlete profile. 

From the athlete profile:

  1. Click + New Membership
  2. Select the desired membership and click 'Customize' 
  3. On the 'Discounts & Pricing' page of the wizard, in 'Discounts & Promo Codes', select the promo code
  4. Choose whether you would like the promo code to apply to the 'Initial, 'Renewal' and/or 'Setup Fee' associated with this plan.  
    Note: Any options that are disabled for the promo code will also be disabled here.
  5. Complete the membership creation wizard and click 'Save'

Note: Promo codes can also be applied after the membership is created if the associated invoice has not yet been paid.



Promo codes can also be applied to products directly from an invoice or from the Wodify Point of Sale.

On an invoice:

  1. Click into the invoice you'd like to discount
  2. Click Actions > Add Promo Code in the top right corner
  3. Choose the promo code that you would like to apply from the dropdown
  4. Click Apply Promo Code
  5. Eligible items on the invoice will be discounted according to the promo code settings


On the Point of Sale:

  1. Add the desired items to the cart in Wodify POS
  2. In the 'Have a Promo Code?' field, enter the promo code
  3. Click Apply - All Eligible products will be discounted accordingly


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