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Personal Services Beta

  • Providers will now be required to use a password or PIN to check into appointments on the Kiosk.
  • The history included in the ‘Appointments by Provider’ report has been updated to include additional detail for the status of the appointment.
  • Users are now able to select the icon that should be displayed for their service in the athlete app and on the kiosk.
  • Providers can be quickly changed on an appointment via the Kiosk appointment widget.
  • The payment plan dropdown will include additional detail regarding the selected payment plan.
  • Cancellations completed on the kiosk will now include additional options as well as details on late cancellation penalties.
  • Existing appointments will now be considered when booking client appointments to prevent double booking.
  • The reschedule option has been removed from multi-client appointments to prevent unexpected changes to other clients appointments.
  • Memberships will no longer be available for booking on the calendar prior to their effective date.

Segments & Conversations 

  • Segments have been corrected to properly filter and segment athletes and leads based on the defined rules.
  • Followers can now be added to emails send via Communication > Conversations to allow multiple people to be notified of any replies.
  • Quickly view the profile of individuals that are excluded from a segment by clicking on the name of the athlete or lead.
  • Segments can now be duplicated on mobile by selecting the plus icon then 'duplicate segments'.
  • Improved the global search and conversation feature to allow users to use their keyboard to navigate through dropdowns.

General Fixes

  • A new dynamic menu has been added to Wodify Admin to optimize the appearance and functionality on small screens. 
  • Promo codes that have expired or reached the usage limit will no longer display as available when customizing memberships.
  • The ‘Expiring Credit Cards’ and ‘Transaction History’ report have been updated to include the location in the export.  
  • Athletes will no longer experience issues when liking or commenting on performance on the Whiteboard.



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