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NEW! Leads by location!

  • Gym owners can now manage their leads by location!
  • Gyms with multiple locations will now have the ability to specifically segment and market to leads based on their assigned location. Check out our help article to get started.

Personal Services Beta

  • Removed single session memberships to allow users to configure their own settings for single session memberships.
  • Athletes can now purchase appointment memberships from the app for services that they had previously used.
  • Created a new automated email for rescheduled appointments.
  • Increased the contrast between availability, appointments, and blocked time on the Appointments Calendar.
  • Interaction with the Appointments Calendar is now possible without drilling down into a single provider.
  • Enhanced display of availability, appointments, and blocked time across several services and providers on the Appointments Calendar to improve readability.
  • Swapped the colored & gray states of the visibility icons on the Appointments Calendar.

General Fixes

  • Corrected an issue that was preventing some emails with attachments from being updated.
  • Athletes will no longer receive blank emails related to a conversation that was stuck in sending state.
  • Contract terms will now properly reflect the amount of tax collected.
  • Imported athletes will no longer have the 'Allowed to like and comment' field automatically set to false.
  • Store credit can once again be sold through the point of sale.
  • Segments can now be created based on athlete tags.


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