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How do I manage my leads by location?


Wodify makes it easy to segment and market to your leads based on their assigned gym location. 


NOTE: Lead management is only available on our Grow pricing tier and above. Certain features associated with leads (such as custom segments) are offered only on our highest pricing tier, Promote. Please check out our pricing page for more information or reach out to if you'd like to upgrade! 


There are several ways to assign or update a leads location:

  • On the Lead profile:
    • Within the 'Other Information' section of the profile, select the desired location. 
  • In the Lead list:
    • Select the desired leads then click into Bulk Actions > Change Location
  • On lead creation:
    • Select the desired location when creating the lead in the 'New Lead' creation screen
  • Lead Imports:
    • Enter the lead location in the Location column in the lead template.  Leads will be imported with their associated locations.

Tips & Tricks: Leads without an assigned location will display with a small red location icon next to their profile picture until a location has been added.  These leads will only appear in the 'All' tab until a location has been added to their account.


Once your leads have been assigned to the correct location, the tabs at the top of the Lead List can be used to easily sort leads based on their location.  



Lead locations can be used in the following places to easily manage lead and communication settings.

  • People > Settings
    • Lead forms can be created specific for each location or a global lead form can be used for several/all locations. Creating separate lead forms can make it easy to create leads from your website based on the specific location they are interested in. 
    • Lead picklists can be configured to allow additional customization based on the applicable lead channels for each location. 
  • Communication > Settings
    • Unique keywords for inbound SMS messaging can be added to allow lead creation in the correct location based on the keyword used.  A different keyword can be created for all locations or one global keyword can be used for all locations.
  • People > Segments
    • Segments can be created using the new lead location rule to help you communicate with your leads based on their desired location.  This rule can be found under the rules engine in 'Lead Specific' rules.

Check out the video below to learn more:



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