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NEW! WODs by Location!

  • Gyms with more than one location will now have an option to create WODs in multiple locations at once!
  • A location selector has been added to the basic details section of the WOD editor to simplify WOD creation for multiple locations. 

Personal Services Beta

  • Users can now customize the colors for different providers and services on the Appointment Calendar.
  • Simplified the experience of viewing or adding a new appointment membership to an athlete.
  • Simplified the visibility options at the bottom of the Appointments Calendar.
  • Clients booking appointments from the athlete app simultaneously will now be prevented from booking the same appointment. 
  • The Appointment Calendar has been updated to immediately reflect all changes and cancellations without requiring a refresh.
  • When canceling an appointment via the Calendar, all options regarding emails and potential late cancellation penalties will be configurable.
  • Improved appointment sign-in and provider changes on the Kiosk to allow coaches to use their password regardless of the user that is signed into the kiosk.

Conversations & Segments

  • General improvements have been made to People > Segments to enhance user experience.
  • Auto-save has been added to conversations to prevent users from unexpectedly losing their work.
  • Improved the suggestion criteria when adding users to conversations and segments and searching in Global Search.
  • Conversations will now include a timestamp so that users can properly track the timeline of a conversation. 
  • Improved error handling for conversations to prevent emails from being stuck in 'Sending'.

General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing payroll periods in some tenants not to roll over.
  • Drop-ins can once again be converted to leads on mobile.
  • Contract membership policy terms will once again be visible when viewing signed contracts.
  • Added ability to add fractions of weight to performance history via the athlete app and mobile site.
  • Reinstated the "Missing Athlete" email template in Communication > Settings, and the second digit input into the "days without attending class" text box is no longer cut-off.
  • Responses to the free trial follow-up emails will correctly forward to the appropriate email address and appear in the activity history.
  • The 'My Payroll' page will once again populate with open payroll periods and allow you to add hours.


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