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NEW! Wodify Payments! 🌟

  • Our first Wodify Payments Beta users are now live! Keep an eye out for more to come with this exciting new feature.

Improvements 🚧

  • The 'Providers and Appointments' report has been updated to include additional detail in the report export.
  • A new 'Provider Change' automated email has been added to notify clients when the provider is changed on an existing appointment.
  • Implemented auto-renew for appointment session membership templates as well as an option to 'Renew Now and Book' when all remaining sessions have been booked.
  • Booked appointments can now be viewed from the client's attendance history.
  • Clients can now see other clients on their appointments from the Athlete app.
  • Segments and Conversations help articles are now easily accessible from within the app.
  • Internal notes can now be added to conversations. 

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Leads can once again be created using the 'Also create as Lead' option when waivers are emailed from the kiosk.
  • The 'Drop In Attended' automated email will once again pull the signature of the gym attended rather than the athlete's home gym.
  • Updated the Online Sales Portal to display correctly on Mobile.
  • Gyms without merchant configurations can once again sell free memberships on the Online Sales Portal.
  • Error text for failed payments has been updated to display the correct error message.
  • Segments have been updated to properly remove excluded athletes from the included athlete list.
  • Providers that are removed and re-added to a service will no longer encounter issues when booking appointments.
  • Editing a contract for an appointment membership will no longer cause the page to freeze.
  • Users that are redirected to a mobile browser from the app will no longer need to re-enter their credentials.


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