What is the Appointment Value Detail report?


The ‘Appointment Value Detail' report will help you easily view a summary of your appointment services, and allow you to determine the values of your appointments from your customers’ attended sessions.  This can be especially helpful when you want to pay your providers based on the total revenue associated with the appointment. You can locate this report by going to Reporting > Financial > ‘Appointment Value Detail.' (If necessary, you can exclude the free trials and see the warnings of appointments booked that don’t have a membership associated).

For example: Anna has booked a “5 Session Personal Training” Service that was valued at $100.00. She has attended only one of those sessions, leaving that particular session valued at $20.00. This $20.00 will be reflected in the report under the ‘Appointment Value’ column.

By looking at this report directly, you can view valuable information, such as:

  • Which client booked which appointment
  • Their attendance status (attended, no show, cancelled)
  • The value of the session that was used to book the appointment

How is the appointment value calculated?

Membership Cost* / Number of sessions in the membership = Session Value 

* The membership cost is the amount of the invoice associated with the appointment membership. If any discounts or updates are made to the membership invoice prior to the invoice being paid the session value will be updated accordingly.

Note: All appointments are included in this report regardless the client's status on the appointment (attended, no show, cancelled,) and we encourage you to filter these status' based on your specific needs.


Additional Exporting Details

Exporting this report to a spreadsheet will provide more details regarding the appointment sign-ins and the membership associated with the appointment.  In the event that the appointment had multiple clients, they will appear as separate line items.

Listed below are the additional details that will come with exporting this report:

  • 'Membership Start Date' - The date the membership began.
  • ‘Client Sign-in’ - The time and date when the client signed into the appointment.
  • ‘Provider Sign-in’ - The time and date when the provider signed into the appointment.
  • ‘Membership Sessions’ - The number of sessions included in the appointment membership.
  • ‘Membership Cost’ - The cost of the appointment membership used to book the appointment.
  • ‘Membership Expiration’ - The expiration date (when applicable) for the membership used to book the appointment. 
  • ‘Membership Sold By’ - The name of the individual that sold the membership to the client. This includes adding the membership via the client profile or directly from the calendar when booking.


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