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Improvements 🚧

  • Attendance history for classes and appointments will now be viewable in one filter tab list.
  • A new 'Appointment Value Detail' report is now available that reports the value of the sessions used to book appointments.
  • Implemented the ability to randomly generate a code when creating promo codes.
  • Promo codes can now be applied to drop-in fees on the Online Sales Portal.
  • Leads can now be created with fewer required fields. New leads can have either name, email, or phone number in addition to lead status and gender.
  • Optimized the process used when mass updating member programs to prevent unexpected errors.
  • Exporting the invoice list will now include a User ID column.
  • CVC numbers are now required when collecting credit card information to minimize fraud.
  • The Payroll Detail report has been updated to include data for both active and inactive coaches.
  • Improved conversations to make unread messages easily identifiable with an optimized display on Mobile.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Appointment memberships can no longer be deleted from a client's profile when there are active bookings.
  • Athletes will once again be able to view membership contracts with the correct terms.
  • Attendance history can once again be exported from the athlete profile.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing some April recurring classes to be missing from the calendar.
  • Prorated charges displayed when purchasing a membership on the Online Sales Portal will once again use membership start date rather than the current date.
  • Segments created specific to leads and their last contacted date range will once again populate the correct leads.
  • Updated header font sizes to be consistent in Gym > Locations.
  • Resolved minor UI issues on the WOD Builder when uploading WOD images.





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