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How do I handle chargebacks with Wodify Payments?


A chargeback occurs when one of your athletes questions your charge with their bank or credit card company. Banks usually ask customers for a reason for the chargeback.

Following the athlete’s complaint, most banks tend to immediately side with the member without additional investigation, and initiate a formal chargeback. This can be pretty frustrating, but there is a chargeback resolution process, and in many cases you can prove that the charge was justified. Wodify will provide you with the chargeback details and work with you to contest any chargebacks that you feel are unjustified - in most cases, with only a few clicks.




How does the chargeback process work?

  • Wodify receives a notification of the chargeback. Your billing contacts will receive an email with details and a link to the affected invoice. 
  • Unlike refunds, Wodify will withdraw the chargeback amount and fee from your bank account directly. If you win the chargeback, then Wodify will add the amount back to your next payout at that time. This is by design, to make sure that you can fulfill your legal obligation to repay this chargeback.
  • On the affected invoice, a banner displays the chargeback details, response deadlines, and instructions on how best to resolve the matter. You can respond to the chargeback using a template Wodify generates. You can also include any other details that might help convince the customer’s credit card issuer or bank that your products or services were delivered as advertised.
  • Wodify will send any evidence you submit to your customer’s credit card issuer or bank. That company will then make the decision about whether or not to resolve the chargeback in your favor. The chargeback amount and fee are both refunded to your bank account if the chargeback is resolved in your favor.
  • If you do not take any action on a chargeback, then Wodify will automatically submit the pre-generated template on your behalf and attempt to recover the lost sale. To avoid this, you can simply accept the chargeback from the affected invoice.


What should I do when I receive a chargeback notification?

You have four options.

  1. Contact the athlete
    • On the affected invoice, you can use the Contact athlete link to get in touch with the cardholder to understand the reason for the chargeback. It’s possible that the athlete simply did not recognize the transaction. Contacting the athlete can often help resolve the issue quickly. If the chargeback is the result of a misunderstanding, then the athlete can ask their credit card issuer or bank to withdraw the chargeback at any time.
  2. Respond to the chargeback
    • To respond to a chargeback, open the affected invoice and click Respond to chargeback. Enter any additional evidence - aside from what has been automatically generated by Wodify - that the athlete did, in fact, receive the product or service within the expected timeframe.
  3. Accept the chargeback
    • You can choose to accept the chargeback, leaving the sale reversed. This option is available on the affected invoice via the Accept chargeback link. You should do this if the reason for the chargeback is legitimate (for example, if your products or services were not delivered).
  4. Automated recovery attempt
    • To help you successfully overturn chargebacks, Wodify will automatically respond on your behalf if you do not submit supporting evidence before the chargeback deadline.


How does Wodify help me respond to chargebacks?

Wodify does most of the heavy-lifting for you when it comes to providing evidence that your charge was legitimate. On your chargebacked invoice, click the Respond to chargeback button to initiate the process.


Wodify will provide the basic information about the athlete and charge, including a description of each line item on the affected invoice, as well as options to automatically submit compelling evidence. For each option, simply keep its checkbox checked to include it!

  • The email receipt that was sent to the athlete when the charge was submitted
  • The athlete’s attendance history 
  • The athlete’s signed membership contract (or upload your own, if you prefer paper contracts!)

The only work required on your end is to briefly describe why you believe the charge was legitimate. For membership fee disputes, this could be as simple as pointing towards the attendance history and signed contract as evidence that the athlete used their membership. When you’re ready, submit your evidence. Your billing admins will receive an email summary containing all the info submitted to the athlete’s credit card issuer or bank as evidence.


What do the chargeback statuses mean, and how can I tell when it changes?

When a chargeback first comes in, its status is Needs Response. When you update the chargeback with evidence, Wodify submits that evidence on your behalf and updates the chargeback status to Under Review. At some point after that - usually within 3-4 weeks - the chargeback status will change to Won or Lost depending on whether the chargeback is resolved in your favor or the cardholder’s favor.

Each time the chargeback status is updated, Wodify will email your billing contacts the details.


Note: In some rare cases, an “inquiry” is opened instead of a full chargeback. Inquiries are the first step towards a full chargeback, but when they occur, you will not have been yet debited the chargeback amount and fee. You’ll have an opportunity to provide evidence just like with full chargebacks, but you also may simply refund the athlete in order to avoid the potential chargeback fee. In Wodify, inquiries are represented with the special chargeback statuses Warning - Needs Response and Warning - Under Review.


Is there a fee for chargebacks?

Yes, you must pay a $15 fee in the United States and Canada, 10 in the UK, and A$25 in Australia when there is a chargeback on one of your invoices. If the chargeback is resolved in your favor, however, Wodify will refund the fee.


My athlete said the chargeback was a mistake. Can it be reversed?

If you’ve talked to your customer and they’ve agreed to drop the chargeback, there are a couple steps should take.

  • First, have the athlete call and their their credit card issuer or bank that they’ve agreed to drop the chargeback. This step is critical because the credit card issuer or bank won’t know your athlete has dropped the chargeback unless the athlete tells them.
  • Second, you need to submit evidence to let the bank know that your athlete wishes to drop the chargeback, including any email evidence you have where the email says so. If the athlete had specific complaints that led to the chargeback, then be sure to address those complaints in the evidence.

After you’ve completed the two steps, you need to wait for the credit card issuer or bank to let Wodify that know that the chargeback has been closed in your favor. When the credit card issuer or bank confirms this, Wodify will return the full amount of the charge and the associated fee to you. Note that this process can take some time - it’s not unusual for a bank to take 8 or more weeks to tell Wodify about the results of the chargeback. As soon as this happens, your billing contacts will receive an email notification.



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