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Improvements 🚧

  • Wodify Payments customers will now have the ability to view athletes' names within their payout list.
  • Service configuration experience on mobile will be improved.
  • Notes within conversations will now be easily visible to Admins.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • An issue causing "No alerts to show!" message to be shown in an athlete's profile when only the email confirmation alert is present will be resolved.
  • Inactive athletes purchasing memberships through the Online Sales Portal will now receive welcome emails.
  • Athletes will once again be able to merge their accounts without experiencing issues.
  • Password resets will once again be logged in an athlete's activity history.
  • Printed financial invoices will be corrected to once again include invoice notes and exclude menu items from the print view.
  • Automated emails will pull the correct email signature based on the athlete's default location.
  • Placeholders in automated emails will once again pull correct information when emails are sent to athletes.
  • The date selector will once again be available when viewing a WOD in full screen.
  • Appointment availability will now reflect the 'bookings close' settings defined for each specific service.
  • Google calendar events for service providers will now be considered blocked time to prevent accidental double booking.


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