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NEW! Classes 2.0! 🌟

  • A new calendar view for classes will now be available with options to create classes, edit classes, and edit class details directly from the calendar view.
  • New class names will now be created using a bootstrap format of [Program Name: Time].  This class name can be edited as needed.
  • Functionality to create recurring classes in intervals will now be available (I.e., Specialty Gymnastics Clinic every 3rd Sunday)
  • New drag and drop functionality will now be implemented on the class calendar to allow for quick updates and changes to classes.
  • Calendar colors will now be configured at the program level allowing for more streamlined class colors.
  • An iFrame specific to the class calendar will now be available to embed the calendar to a website.

Improvements 🚧

  • New actions will now be available on the class list to easily make changes to one off and recurring classes.
  • New bulk action to change coaches for classes will now be available on the class list.
  • The Wodify Welcome Email will now link out to help videos for new athletes to get started.
  • Wodify Payments customers will now be alerted if their Wodify Payments accounts requires additional verification.
  • Wodify Payments customers will now be alerted if there is an issue with a payout being deposited into their bank account.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Text area for custom metcons will once again resize when the details of the workout are being entered.
  • Images uploaded to the WOD builder can once again be resized.
  • All details of a workout will once again be visible when viewing WODs in full screen.
  • The 'New Athlete Follow Up' email once again includes attachments.
  • The 'Drop In' email sent to athletes signing up through the Online Sales Portal will once again pull the correct information.
  • The 'Email From' label for emails sent to leads after a lead form submission will once again pull the correct details.
  • 'Appointment Reminder' automated email will once again be sent out to clients.
  • Segments can once again be created with tags.


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