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Bug Fixes 🐜

  • WOD Locations will once again be visible on Mobile Admin.  We figured we should stop making you do some serious guesswork on your end.
  • Athletes with special characters in their names will now have the ability to save payment methods in Wodify Payments tenants.  I mean, all of our athletes are special to us, why aren't we letting them be? 
  • Financial notifications for Wodify Payments tenants will now be sent out to the Admin enabled within the merchant configuration.
  • The phone number field will now be validated upon save.
  • The zip code/postal code fields will now allow for alphanumeric characters. Equal Opportunity, people!
  • When setting a membership to stop auto renew and enabling the athlete to automatically deactivate on that date, if an athlete has a membership start date in the future, a warning will be displayed and confirmation of deactivation will be requested.
  • The value displayed when athletes are purchasing memberships via the Online Sales Portal will display correctly.  No sneak attacks for your athletes!
  • The Athlete placeholder in emailed waivers sent to non-athletes will now populate with the word 'Athlete'.
  • The 'Members Paying by Cash/Check' automated email will no longer be sent out to athletes whose memberships are set to expire.
  • The 'Email From' label for the 'Class Reinstated' automated email will now auto-populate with the gym name if those settings have not yet been configured.
  • Email notifications for likes/comments will once again include the correct gym logo.
  • Admins will now have the ability to customize which roles the Suspension notification emails are sent to.


Appointments Improvements 🚧

  • Services will no longer be deactivated if 'Enter' is pressed while in a numerical value field on the Service Edit screen.
  • Services can now be created with special characters in the title.
  • Deactivated services will no longer appear in the Membership edit screen.
  • The appointments calendar will no longer show Providers' synced events as 'Busy' when they are created as 'Available'.
  • Google calendar events for providers with synced calendars will no longer appear duplicated.
  • The appointments calendar has been improved to make booking appointments easier and faster.  Let's get those clients on the calendar quicker!
  • The 'Provider Change' automated email template will now be customizable.
  • The 'Athlete No Show' email will now include the date of the missed appointment to avoid any confusion for clients.
  • If the 'Appointment Reminder' email had been customized, the customized version of the email will now be delivered to clients.
  • Warning signs that had been appearing erroneously when activating services on the Online Sales Portal will no longer appear.


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