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New! Location of Sale 💥

  • Admins will have the ability to implement Location of Sale on membership templates.  Revenue for each membership will be reported based on the Location of Sale. Dolla dolla bills, y'all.
  • Tenants with multiple locations will have the ability to view the Location of Sale within an athlete's membership list.
  • The Location of Sale will be able to be changed for existing auto-renewing memberships.

Improvements 🚧

  • Users will now have the ability to track margin on retail products. We know, we know - took us long enough!
  • Permalinks for waiver templates can now be copied from the Waiver Template list.  You held us liable on this one so we are hoping your athletes won't have to!
  • In Canadian tenants, all instances of Beanstream have been replaced with Bambora due to merchant rebranding.  Not going to lie, I think we will all miss the cute little Beanstream bean logo - RIP though.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Athletes with merged accounts will no longer experience gaps in performance history on the Coachboard.  We don't want to punish our athletes just cause they love exercising at all the gyms.
  • Athletes who had split previously merged accounts will now be able to access all accounts without error.
  • Athletes will once again have the ability to view their invoice list from within their profiles.  We guess it makes sense to want to see how much you're spending on your health and fitness.
  • Internet Explorer users can once again add payment information to athlete accounts.  Again, Google Chrome groupies over here.  We apologize in advance for any future biases.
  • Lead forms will now accept email aliases.
  • Admins will have the ability to view emails from Leads without experiencing display issues.
  • Auto-populated data on the New Athlete and New Lead modal will no longer disappear when creating multiple accounts.  When you have have a really big team, we want you to be able to create those profiles as quickly as possible.
  • New athlete profiles will once again save the province as expected.
  • Admins will have the ability to update tax rates without experiencing timeout errors.  No need to have the IRS chasing after anyone, am I right??
  • Only users with Admin, manager, or Coach permissions will have the ability to leave Self-Service POS.
  • Drop-ins who had purchased a session using a promo code will now be able to view the discount on the associated invoice.
  • For tenants in Australia, invoices have been updated to include tax calculations in order to improve compliance.
  • Admins will once again have the ability to pay Wodify billing invoices from within their profiles.  We know you've probably been dying to pay us :)


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