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Improvements 🚧

  • A new 'Membership Renewal Reminder' automated email has been created to remind athletes of upcoming payments and renewals.
  • Admins can now update the box email field from within their Wodify Admin account rather than having to contact Wodify Support to make the update. I mean, I wouldn't blame you if you still wanted to reach out to our support team just for fun - they're some pretty awesome humans.
  • Implemented a contract selection option within the class membership templates to streamline the creation of membership templates.
  • Help text across Wodify has been updated to include additional information and resources.  All in all, we made things a little more user friendly!
  • Athlete List
    • Filterable by Membership Type
    • Filterable by Active Reservations
    • Filterable by Role
  • Deleted and disqualified leads will no longer appear in the Missing Waivers list.
  • An update has been made to disable the option to delete bootstrapped tax rates.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Athletes who have split previously merged accounts will have the ability to access all accounts without error.
  • Merged athlete accounts will no longer display duplicate performance results.
  • Athletes with merged accounts belonging to multiple Wodify Payments tenants will be able to share payment information across tenants.
  • Athletes in Wodify Payments tenants are once again able to use Plaid to add bank account information to their profile.
  • Athletes who had paid invoices using store credit will now have store credit applied back to their accounts if a refund is processed.
  • Product names will now be completely visible when viewing invoices from athlete accounts.
  • If a new membership is added to an athlete account, any pending deactivations scheduled for that athlete will be cancelled.
  • Payment plans within membership templates will now reflect whether or not they have been enabled in the Online Sales Portal.
  • Digits after the decimal, if a comma is used as the decimal, will now register properly on invoice line items, discounts, and payment plans.
  • The delete option for bootstrapped tax rates will now be disabled.
  • Tenants not using a merchant configuration in Wodify will once again have the ability to add cash or check as payment methods to athlete accounts.
  • Users with coach permissions can once again add non-benchmark metcons as additional performance directly from the coachboard.
  • The 'Appointment Reminder' automated email will be delivered with uploaded attachments.


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