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Improvements 🚧

  • Admins can now see a preview of what their gym logo will display as on the athlete app.
  • Both the missing waiver and contracts list will now include a 'Date Issued' column.
  • The financial invoice list can now be filtered by 'Date Paid'.
  • The financial invoice can now be searched by product name and membership name.
  • Branding has been updated to Wodify Core branding.
    • New branding added to Wodify Admin, Point of Sale, Self-service Point of Sale, and shared Facebook content.
  • The Gym Switcher has been updated to a new design to allow for a more user friendly experience.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • WODs can once again be previewed via the WOD calendar without the details of the workout being cut off.
  • Admins will have the ability to create multiple payment plans within an Appointments membership template.
  • Memberships can no longer be edited once action has been taken against an associated invoice.
  • Product images can once again be uploaded to retail products without error.
  • The bulk action for deleting leads has been updated to read 'Delete' rather than 'Remove'
  • The Lead attendance history will now follow the tenant's default date format.
  • Emails sent to Free Trials after sign up will include the date of the class in the tenant's default date format.
  • Tenants with greater than 50 programs will have the ability to view all programs within a waiver template.
  • The 'Last Attendance' filter on the Athlete List will once again work as expected.
  • Admins can once again upload waivers to athlete profiles without error.
  • Coaches can once again email athletes from the Class Calendar on Kiosk view. 
  • The Performance Results 'PR' reports can once again be exported with all results included.


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