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Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Admins can once again assign memberships with only setup fees to athlete accounts.  Associated invoices will be generated and will be listed on autobill
  • Renewal fees will once again appear as expected when purchasing Appointment memberships through the Online Sales Portal
  • Invoices associated with Guest purchases through Point of Sale will now include the name of the guest
  • Recurring classes created using custom recurring options will no longer generate erroneous classes on off weeks
  • Dashboards can be viewed without error
  • The Appointment Follow Up email will once again be sent to clients as expected
  • The 'Membership Expiring - Appointment Sessions' email will no longer be sent under the improper conditions
  • The 'Provider Change' automated email will once again pull the correct information for placeholders
  • Appointment times will now include AM/PM information on the kiosk if 24 hour time is not being used


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