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What are “Groups”?


Wodify’s new feature “Groups” now allows you to link member profiles to one another, making it easy to track which members are connected. This is a great solution for couples, families and teams!

In a nutshell, this new feature will allow those with a Guardian role to easily manage the reservations and communications of their dependents on the fly.  

So, what does this all mean for you? “Groups” makes communicating with these people and updating their payment methods quick and easy because you’ll be doing it all from one place. It also eliminates the need for an email address with our “dependent athlete” option. Say good-bye to email aliases!

To link existing members together, complete the following steps:

  • From within an active profile, click on the new “Group” tab.
  • Use our People Finder to search for a 2nd active member to add to this group.
  • Hit “Add” next to their name.
  • Add more members as necessary.


IMPORTANT: Roles will default to “Member” so be sure to  update their role as needed.

  • Guardians - can manage reservations, communications and privacy settings for a dependent.
  • Dependents - will NOT have an active login, nor access to the app so they do not need an email address.
  • Members -  are people that are a part of a group.


To add a new member to an existing group, complete the following steps:

  • Click on the “Athletes” tab.
  • Click “+New Athlete”.
  • Search for other members using our People Finder.
  • Click “Add”.

*Dependent athletes will not require an email address since they will not have the ability to log-in.




Managing your groups from within the Group tab is simple.

Once you’ve created a group, updating payment methods, sending emails, assigning new roles, and removing members, can all be done from the “Groups” tab.

  • From within a group member’s profile, click on the new “Group” tab.
  • Click on the top box to select all athletes.
  • Select the bulk action you’d like to perform: change payment method, remove from group or email Athletes



You’ll also have ability to ‘Create Logins’ for Dependents via the Actions drop down in the dependent athlete’s account.  Dependents with a login will have the ability to log into an account, manage reservations, track performance, and do all of the actions a traditional athlete can!

  • From a dependent athlete’s profile, click on the “Actions” drop down.
  • Click “Create Login”.
  • You will be prompted to enter an email address.
  • Once a login is created, the athlete will receive a  Welcome email.



Additional “Groups” Knowledge:

  • You also have a the option to create kiosk-only athletes (dependents who can only interact at your kiosk).
  • Dependents are not required to have a Guardian but will not be able to sign-in or log results.
  • Waivers that are emailed to Dependents will be received by their Guardian. Dependents that do not have a Guardian assigned will not receive their emailed waiver. 
  • Dependent athlete profiles are subject to the $1.75/month athlete fee.


Note: This feature is available with our Promote subscription plan. Learn more about our pricing tier options.



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