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How do I share payment methods between members in Wodify?


The ability to share credit card and ACH payment methods with members within the same environment is now possible, making the tedious process of adding the same payment method into multiple accounts a thing of the past.


Now, you can simply save a payment method once and share it with several people.

  • Click within the payment method owner’s profile.
  • Scroll down to “Payment Methods”.
  • Next to the payment method you’d like to share, click on “Actions”.
  • Use the People Search to find the member(s) to share payment with.
  • Decide if this should be their default payment method or additional payment method.
  • Click Save.



From within the owner’s profile, you’ll be able to access a list of the members who share this method. While within a member’s profile you’ll see who owns their payment method.



Additional “Shared Payment” Knowledge:

      • If a credit card is expired or hard declined it cannot be shared.
      • Only Admins have the ability to share payment methods, but members can view who is sharing that payment method from within their profile.  
      • Members that are sharing their payment method can view invoices within their invoice list.
      • The Payment Method owner will receive an automated email notifying them that their payment method has been shared.

*This feature is only available for customers on the legacy or Promote subscriptions. 



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