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How can I delete athletes from my Conversations mailing list?


If you would like to customize who receives your mass emails and unsubscribe some people from your mailing list, you can do so by creating a custom segment and updating your segment as needed.

Note: We have plans on our roadmap to redesign our entire communication experience. This help article is designed to provide a workaround for our customers until that redesign is launched and allows for inactive users to be able to manually unsubscribe from a gym's mass emails.


Step 1: Create a segment

Segments allow you to create custom lists of users. In this case, we want to create a segment that encompasses all active and inactive athletes. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Go to People > Segments
  2. Click +New Segment
  3. Name the segment (i.e., All Active and Inactive Athletes)
  4. Click on the Rules Engine tab
  5. In segment rules, select, 'Just the Athletes' and +Add This Rule

You now have a segment of people the includes all athletes (of all possible status options).


Step 2: Use the segment as your email mailing list

To send out an email to this specific segment, we will want to leverage the Conversations feature in Wodify.

  1. Go to Communication > Conversations
  2. In the top right corner, select +New Email
  3. Choose your 'Send As' option:
    1. No reply = do not allow anyone to respond to your message
    2. Your Gym = allow replies to and from recipients; recipients will see that they are communicating with your gym email
    3. Your Name = allow replies to and from recipients; recipients will see that they are communicating with YOU via your email address
  4. Under Choose Recipients, select Choose Segments and type the name of your segment in the search box.

    Note: Want to send this email to leads, too? Simply select the 'All Leads' segment after you select your All Active & Inactive Athletes segment!
  5. Enter your email subject, compose your message, and send!


Step 3: Updating the segment as needed

Let's say you receive a response from a former member who has since moved away and no longer wishes to receive your emails. Here's how you can remove them from receiving any future mass emails from you:

  1. From Wodify Core, go to People > Segments
  2. Click on your segment - "All Active & Inactive Athletes"
  3. Select the Included People tab
  4. Search the name of the person you want to exclude from your mailing list
  5. Click exclude next to their name

Now that you've excluded this person, they will stop receiving any emails from you. 

Note - If the user is still an active member in Wodify, they will continue to receive automated emails from Wodify if their account meets the conditions tied to your automated emails.



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