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New! Groups & Shared Payments 💥

  • Groups:
    • Groups can now be created in Wodify from within athlete profiles.
    • Groups can consist of Members, Guardians, and Dependents.
    • Athletes can now be created as Dependents which allows athletes to be created without email addresses associated with their profiles. 
    • Email correspondance for Dependents will be sent to their Guardians should a Guardian be assigned.
  • Shared Payments:
    • Admins will now have the ability to share payment methods amongst athletes.  These shared payments can be set as a secondary payment method or a default payment method.
    • Invoices can be processed against a Shared Payment method via autobill.
    • Shared payment methods can be utilized on the Online Sales Portal and Point of Sale.
    • Athletes will have the ability to view who their payment method is shared with via their athlete profile.

Improvements 🚧

  • Athlete list view can now be filtered by SMS subscribers for those tenants that utilize this feature.
  • When bulk deleting leads from the Lead list view, the 'bulk action progress' modal will now be displayed.
  • Invoices can now be voided in bulk from the Invoice list view in the Financial menu.
  • The Promo Code table now includes a 'Location' column in order for users to easily navigate which locations a promo is available.
  • When attempting to mass update member programs, users will now have the option to mass update programs for previously deleted membership templates.
  • Emails sent out via Conversations will now be logged in the Activity History for athletes and leads. 

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Classes with the same start and end time will no longer be considered overlapping, allowing the same coach to be assigned to these classes.
  • The Appointment Follow Up email will once again be sent to athletes based on my defined settings.
  • The Membership Expiring Sessions automated email will once again be sent out to athletes as expected.
  • List views can now be filtered using multiple filters.
  • Admins can once again download signed contracts as needed.
  • Tenants that do not require a postal code in their location address will now have the ability to edit the postal code field as needed.
  • Admins will once again have the ability to export all Wodify Billing invoices rather than being limited to only ten.
  • Notes on invoices will once again display correctly 
  • The delete and deactivate options for athlete memberships will once again be available on the Wodify Admin app.
  • The 'Switch Account' modal will no longer interfere with the back button on the iOS mobile app.


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