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What are the Paysafe application requirements?


Paysafe requires several pieces in their application in order to create your Paysafe account to be used with Wodify. The following requirements must be required in order to complete your application:

  1. Proof of Identity: A copy of a photographic form of identification for the signing authority (Director/Partner/Owner). Examples include:
    • Current valid passport (scan must show MRZ 2 line)
    • Current national ID card (scan must show MRZ 2 line)
    • Current (non-expired) valid driver’s license with photo - provided that it is not also the submitted proof of address
  2. Proof of Address:
    • Personal bank account statement (less than 3 mo old)
    • Driver’s license with photo and current address (if not being submitted for Proof of Identity)
    • Council tax or utilizing bill (less than 3 mo old)
    • Letter from an official independent source central or local government (e.g., tax office, court document, etc.)
  3. Proof of Bank: A "voided" cheque or Business Bank Statement to confirm business bank account (Must be in the same legal Entity name). Note: You must have a BUSINESS BANK account.
  4. Proof of Partnership: If your gym is owned by more than one person: a partnership agreement document that confirms shareholders/partners in the business
  5. Non-UK Only: Copies of Articles of association & Certification of Incorporation/Extracts of the Chamber of Commerce/K-BIS etc.
  6. Initial Website Check: This is an internal check to ensure that you are selling/offering the memberships that you have provided on your application. Facebook pages are acceptable until a full website is completed and ready for review.

Next Steps: Website Compliance

In addition to providing the documents mentioned above, all Paysafe customers are required to meet their website compliance standards. This step will occur after your application is submitted to Paysafe. You will not receive deposits from Paysafe until your website meets the standards below:

  • You must clearly display your company's details for your shoppers. These details should include:
    • your company's legal name
    • your company's place of registration
    • your company's registered office address (inc. main country of domicile)
    • your company's registered number
    • a contact telephone number or email address
  • You must display your terms and conditions of sale
  • You must display your company policy covering refunds, returns and cancellations and a ‘Click to accept’ button, or other acknowledgement, evidencing that the Cardholder has accepted the return/refund policy on your checkout page
  • You must display details of your shipping policy (including delivery methods and timing)
  • You must display your Consumer Data Privacy Policy
  • You must display an accurate description and pricing (including currency) for all goods and services which are available to purchase on your website
  • Your website must display the logos of the payment methods that can be accepted through your Paysafe account.

Have any questions? Please reach out to your Onboarding Agent to receive further clarification.


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