Introducing Insights


Insights is our new reporting tool powered by Looker that provides a real-time, comprehensive overview of critical data about your gym. It currently offers two dashboards — Classes and Members.

With its Segments feature —  which lets you filter reports through specific groups of people — Insights lets you drill down or take a top-level look at your gym’s finances, member history, attendance reports and more.


Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the “Insights” tab in Wodify Core.
  2. Click into “Classes.”
  3. Choose your Segment from the dropdown menu or select “All Segments.”
  4. Choose your filter(s) to get even more detailed data:
    • Locations: For multi-location environments, choose “is equal to” and select the location(s).
    • Date Range: When utilizing the “matches (advanced)” filter, you can type phrases like “this month”, “last month” or “last year.” The “is in the range” option allows you to create a custom date range.
    • Segment ID: No need to adjust this field, which autopopulates with the ID# for the corresponding Segment.
    • Metric: This is that category you want to drill down. Choose from Membership, Location, Payment Method, Payment Plan or Revenue Category
  5. Once you’ve determined your filters, click “Run.” 



At a glance, you’ll gain a better understanding of your gym’s membership trends, gross revenue, attendance and more. You can even click on a metric to get even more detailed data.



Then export these reports into several different file formats by clicking on "Download Results".



Admins, Managers and Coaches will all have access to Insights. However, only Admins can access revenue information and Coaches will not have the ability to drill down information.


And don’t forget these Wodify Core shortcuts:

  • Click on an member’s name to navigate to their profile.
  • Click on an email address to send an email directly to that member.  
  • Choose an invoice header ID to open the corresponding invoice.