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Improvements 🚧

  • Changes have been made to the CloudSearch synchronization to ensure segments populate with the correct list of included people.
  • Hitting the 'Enter' key while in the search box within segments will no longer navigate users away from the screen.
  • The PeopleFinder has been updated so that users no longer have to enter three characters in the search field prior to results populating.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Athletes will once again have the ability to view PR details from the Coachboard.
  • The Membership Renewal Reminder will now display the correct renewal fees.
  • Kiosk mode will no longer be disabled if an Admin chooses to switch into an alternate account.
  • Athletes with shared payments will no longer appear in the Athletes Without Payment Information report.
  • The Financial Invoice list will display the athlete's default payment method.
  • Self-service POS will now respect Minimum Cart Value settings when athletes are purchasing store credit.
  • Leads:
    • Locations with leads tied to them can now be deactivated.
    • Emails can now be sent to leads with no location tied to their account.
    • Lead form notification can once again be sent to multiple contacts.
  • Classes
    • Class names will now update if the class time has been changed.
    • The class regeneration timer will no longer generate classes erroneously for recurring classes created with a future start date.
    • Newly created athletes and leads will now be able to be immediately added to class reservation.
  • The 'delete' option will once again be available for recurring classes in the Admin Mobile App.
  • Conversations have been updated to have a clearer preview text when emails are sent to athletes.


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