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Improvements 🚧

  • Wodify Payments
    • Chargeback notifications will now appear at the top of the Payouts screen.
    • The Transaction History report will now include applicable fees and net totals.
    • The Athletes and Membership Details report will now include payment information.
  • Shared Payments
    • Athletes with shared payments will no longer be required to add payment methods when signing contracts.
    • Athletes with shared payments will now appear in the Auto-billing Payment Methods by Athlete report.
    • The 'Has Payment Method' filter on the athlete list will now account for shared payments.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Paysafe tenants will now see the updated settlement date of transactions in the Transaction History report.
  • The class calendar has been optimized so that if a class is cancelled or deleted from the class calendar, a warning will be displayed to the user if there are active reservations against it.
  • Selecting 'Delete This & Future Classes' from the class calendar will now update the details of the associated recurring class with an 'End On' date.
  • Athletes will have the ability to merge accounts without issue.
  • Memberships with no paid invoices against them will once again be able to be edited.
  • Appointment memberships created from the appointments calendar will now reflect the correct fee.
  • Athletes booking appointments from mobile will no longer experience unresponsiveness or slow load times.
  • Admins in Wodify Payments tenants will now have the ability to view who payout notifications are sent to.
  • Users should no longer experience errors when adding or deleting payment methods to athlete accounts.


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