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Zapier: Are you ready to automate your business?


Wodify Core now offers the ability to connect with hundreds of your favorite apps through Zapier — a web automation tool that lets you move data between apps to automate your business tasks.


A Zap is a link between two apps you’ve connected on Zapier. Consider it a workflow plan for a repetitive tasks you’d like to automate. When creating a Zap, you choose a trigger and add at least one action. Once you’ve set everything up, you’re ready to turn your Zap on!


A Zap works like this: “When I make an update in app 1, I want to prompt another update in app 2.”


As you discover more tasks you’d like to automate, you can create a new Zap for each one!


Getting started with Zapier is easy. But before you do, we recommend reading the following help articles in the order listed below:


What are Zaps, Triggers and Actions?

What Triggers and Actions does Wodify Core support?

How do I create a Zap?


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