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Improvements 🚧

  • Signed contracts and waivers will now be able to be downloaded in bulk.
  • Insights
    • The Members dashboard will now include more results for the Member Birthdays and Member Anniversaries looks.
    • Filter for 'Segment ID' filter will no longer be duplicated and will now only be displayed once on every dashboard.
    • The Retail dashboard will now include an 'Inventory Levels' look.
  • New filter options have been added to the Segments feature to allow users to create more intuitive groups of members.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • When purchasing memberships through the Online Sales Portal, the correct 'Due Now' amount will be displayed.
  • Online Sales Portal links will no longer redirect athletes to the incorrect Sales Portal.
  • Converted and deleted lead profiles will once again be 'read only' profiles, ensuring no changes can be made.
  • When creating new waivers, the preview will now only reflect selected required fields.


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