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What are Zaps, Triggers and Actions?


Zap: A Zap is the link between the two apps you connected on Zapier. Consider it an automation for a repetitive task. When creating a Zap, you must first choose a trigger. After choosing a trigger, add at least one action. Now, you’re ready to turn your Zap on!


App: An application or web service — like Google Docs, Slack or Infusionsoft software. Zapier offers integrations with more than 750 apps.


Task: A Task is a single action performed by Zapier. One Zap can perform multiple tasks.


Trigger: A Trigger is the event that initiates the Zap.


Action: An Action is an event that Zap performs.


Here is an example of a Zap:

Every time I add or receive a new lead in Wodify Core (Trigger), I want to create a reminder in my Wunderlist app to follow up with this lead (Action). Each reminder added is a “task.”


Wodify Core offers four Triggers, six Actions and robust task automations. To learn more, check out the Triggers and Actions Wodify Core supports!


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