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What Triggers and Actions does Wodify Core support?


When creating a Zap, you need one Trigger and at least one action. Once you have everything set up, you’re ready to turn your Zap on!


The Wodify Core app currently offers four Trigger and six actions, but be on the lookout. We’ll be expanding this list soon as part of our new Zapier integration!


Supported Triggers

        • New or updated lead — Triggers when a lead is created and/or updated.
        • New or updated athlete — Triggers when an athlete is created and/or updated.
        • Tag changed on a lead —  Triggers when a tag is added to a lead, removed from a leads or both.
        • Tag changed on an athlete —  Triggers when a tag is added to an athlete, removed from an athlete or both.


Supported Actions

        • Add/update lead —  Adds or updates a lead.
        • Add/update athlete —  Adds or updates an athlete.
        • Add tag to lead — Adds a tag to a lead.
        • Remove tag from lead — Removes a tag from a lead.
        • Add tag to athlete — Adds a tag to an athlete.
        • Remove tag from athlete — Removes a tag from an athlete.


These four Triggers and six Actions unlock endless workflow ideas you can perform outside Wodify Core.


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