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How do I create a Zap?


The following article will show you how to create a Zap between Wodify Core and Wunderlist. This is only one of the countless ways you can leverage our Zapier integration. If you have questions about your specific Zaps, please reach out to


In this example, every time a new lead is added to my Wodify Core environment (Trigger), I’d like to create a reminder to follow up with that lead in my Wunderlist app (Action).


Get Started

  • Create a FREE Zapier account at
  • Click the "Make a Zap" button from your Zapier dashboard to go to the Zap editor. 


Set up a Trigger 

The steps below will guide you in setting up your Trigger, which is the event that initiates the Zap.

  • First, choose the App that will initiate the Trigger.
  • Then, select the Trigger.
  • Next, you’ll connect to your Trigger App by choosing it from your list of connected accounts or choosing ‘Connect an Account’.






  • To connect to your Wodify account, you’ll need to enter your API Key. To access your API Key in Wodify, go to: WODIFY CORE > GYM > WEB INTEGRATIONS and create an API key by giving it a name and clicking on the check mark.


  • Copy and paste the newly generated API Key into Zapier and click “Continue.”
  • Now that your Wodify Account has been added, click “Save and Continue.”

Choose your Trigger options 

Triggers have different options and the ability to customize.

  • When using Wodify Core as your Trigger, you’ll have to decide if you’d like the Trigger to activate when a “New” lead or athlete is added, when a lead or athlete is “Updated,” or “Both.”
  • Click “Continue.”


  • Zapier will perform a test with your Wodify trigger by retrieving a “new” lead from your Wodify Core environment.
  • Click "Continue".


Set up Actions

  • Choose the Action app, which is the app where the action will take place.
  • Choose the Action, which is the specific action for that app.
  • Choose the account or “Connect an Account.”
  • Save and Continue.

Action template

In this step, you’ll find various mandatory and optional fields. The + button on the right of a field will provide you with a list of fields you can use to populate your template with the options from your Trigger. This this critical to ensure your Zap performs as intended.


  • Click “Continue.”
  • Next, Zapier will perform a test on your Action app by retrieving recent activity within that app.
  • Then Zapier will test your Action.
  • When the test is successful, click Finish.
  • Now you can turn your Zap on!


Now, each time a lead is added to my Wodify Core environment, a task is added to my Wunderlist app to follow up with that person.




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