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How do multi-location gyms enforce ‘location access’?


Wodify Core offers “Location Access” for memberships of multi-location gyms.

This feature allows gym owners to restrict their athletes to one facility, which means that if a membership should only provide access to a single location, you will have the ability to enforce those settings from within the membership template.


IMPORTANT: You must enable Membership Enforcement to enforce both location access and program access.


To create a plan with “Location Access”:

  1. Go to Wodify Core > 'Classes' > 'Pricing'
  2. Click '+New Plan Template' in the 'Plans Templates’ section
  3. Enter your Plan Details (Plan Name, Attendance Limit, Revenue Category, Brief Description)
  4. Create your Payment Plan(s) by clicking '+New Payment Plan'.
  5. Click 'Save' to return to the Plan Template.
  6. Choose which Programs the membership grants access to.
  7. Choose which Locations the membership grants access to (this option is only visible in multi-location gyms).
  8. Click Save.


Now, when an athlete attempts to reserve or sign into class, Wodify will check and confirm whether their membership provides access to that program, as well as location.



Click here for comprehensive steps on creating a class plan or session plan.


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