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Improvements 🚧

  • Updates to Wordpress Integration setup
    • Users will now be prompted to authorize the integration via their WordPress account upon initial setup
  • Online Sales Portals can now be embedded on websites by using an iFrame allowing athletes to purchase memberships as needed.
  • Athletes adding payment methods while signing contracts will only have the ability to add types of payment methods enabled within the tenant's merchant configuration.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • An issue causing classes with custom intervals to be regenerated incorrectly will no longer occur.
  • Address placeholders included in conversations sent to external recipients will no longer display the placeholder in the body of the email.
  • Payment failed email sent out to athletes will now include the reason for failure.
  • Custom weightlifting totals can once again be created without error.
  • Waivers will once again be automatically emailed out to new athletes to sign.
  • Admins will once again have the ability to view all waivers from within athlete profiles.
  • Athletes will now have the ability to sign membership contracts via mobile.


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