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Insights - Leads


Note: You may have access to the latest version of Insights. For more information on the newest Insights, head to What's new with Insights?


The Leads Insights dashboard allows you to view reporting specific to leads, like the average number of days it takes your gym to convert leads to active members and managing your leads funnel, so that you can make informed decisions on managing your prospective members.

To get started, head to Insights > Leads and select the location and date range you wish to view your insights.





New Leads

This view shows you the number of new leads added to your Wodify environment in the selected time period.




The New Leads view is a great way to ensure you are hitting monthly targets for lead acquisition. The New Leads Details report at the bottom of the page will show you additional information about all of your new leads.




Average Days to Conversion

This view will calculate the average number of days it took to convert a lead based on the date they were created as a lead vs. the date they were converted to an active athlete.



To view additional details about the specific athletes referenced in this report, check out the Average Days to Conversion Details report further down on the page.





Leads with No Action


You can utilize the Leads with No Action to view a list of leads who have not had any action taken in the selected time. 

‘No Action’ is defined as:

  1. Leads who haven't signed into class in the date range
  2. Leads who status' hasn't changed, leads who haven’t been converted, or leads who haven’t been contacted (emailed or texted) in the date range


Note: This list will not include any deleted leads.


You can view the Leads with No Action Details report further down the page to see the specific leads that need attention.



Lead Funnel

Your lead funnel is generated based on the status of your leads. This helps your gym track the flow of leads from the day they are created to when they are converted to an athlete. 


 Here’s an example of one lead management flow:

  1. New
  2. Contacted
  3. Trial
  4. Converted

You can adjust the lead status options in your environment by going to People > Settings > Leads > Lead Status



From the example above, we can see that from all the active leads:

  • 86.67% were contacted
  • 80% passed to trial
  • And 60% converted

This is just one way to utilize the leads funnel. To update the order of your lead flow, head to People > Settings > Leads > Lead Status. You can adjust the order by selecting the up or down arrows on the far right-hand side.




Tip: Disqualified/converted leads are included in the leads funnel for 30 days. After 30 days, those leads are no longer calculated into the percentages. Deleted Leads are not included in the leads funnel.



Lead Conversions

Use the Lead Conversion Breakdown to see a bird’s eye view of what leads were and were not converted to active athletes during your date range and the three months prior to that

 For each of those months, the chart will show you the following:

  1. The total number of leads created that month
  2. The total number of leads created and converted at any subsequent time




Note: This chart calculates converted leads based on the date the lead was created. For example, if a lead was created in January but converted in February, the lead will be generated on this chart as ‘converted’ for the month of January.



Free Trials from Sales Portal

 Use this list to view all of your leads on Free Trial in your date range. This is a great tool to use to contact Free Trial leads to keep them engaged, answer any questions they have about purchasing a membership or look back and see how successful free trials were over a given period of time.



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