Insights - Leads


The Leads Insights dashboard allows you to view reporting specific to leads, lead conversions, and how leads were brought into your gym, so that you may make informative decisions on managing your prospective members.

With Leads Insights, you will have the ability to filter the dashboards by a specific date range, segment, or location so you that can drill down into important details, such as;


      • Average days to convert leads
      • Current Free Trials
      • Lead conversion rates for the last 6 months
      • Current status of leads (pie chart)
      • Progress on converting leads (funnel chart) 




Tips & Tricks You can click on each look to view additional detailed information.





  1. Navigate to the “Insights” tab in Wodify Core.
  2. Click into “Leads”
  3. Choose your Segment from the dropdown menu or select “All Segments."
  4. Choose your filter(s) to get even more detailed data:
    • Locations: For multi-location environments, choose “is equal to” and select the location(s).
    • Date Range: When utilizing the “matches (advanced)” filter, you can type phrases like “this month”, “last month” or “last year.” The “is in the range” option allows you to create a custom date range.
  5. Click “Run”



Tips & Tricks


  1. 'Leads created in Date Range by Given Source' chart (left) is defined by sources that you've created in your custom pick lists.
  2. 'Leads created in Date Range by Assigned Source' chart (right) is defined by channels in Wodify, like Online Membership Free Trial or Lead Form. 




  • Managers and Coaches will NOT be able to view revenue information
  • Coaches will NOT have the ability to drill down into reports