How to register a Loaner Belt in Wodify Pulse


A loaner belt is a Myzone belt that admins designated as a shared fitness tracker for clients.  We suggest using a belt or multiple belts as loaners in the event a client would like to try Wodify Pulse for the first time.  These are also great to keep around in the event a client forgets their belt, needed to charge their personal belt prior to class, or you have a Drop-In!  


Here we demonstrate adding a Loaner Belt:




To add a Loaner Belt through Wodify:

  1. Add Device
  2. People Finder > Find Name
  3. Add Serial Number (The serial number can be found on the back of your MZ-3 or MZ-1 Hardware)
  4. Add Device Nickname
  5. Create Myzone Account

From the Coachboard:

  1. Coachboard
  2. Sign-In a Client
  3. Pick Myzone Device
  4. Assign 'Added Device'
  5. Biometric data can be confirmed (Weight and DOB)
  6. Pulse Board Icon (Right Side)
    • Color - Effort Zones
    • Side, Half, and Full Screen Views available


For information on how to register a Personal Device (client-owned belt) within Wodify Core, click here: How to Register A Myzone Belt in Wodify.


For more information about Wodify Pulse in general: Getting Started with Pulse



Why isn't my belt sensing my heart rate?

Make sure you wet your belt sensor. 😛



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