Using Wodify Pulse (in-class)

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Use Wodify Pulse? We now offer the ability to view and use Pulse in both the legacy Kiosk and the new Kiosk+! This article will cover how to set up Pulse on your Kiosk, view Pulse Tiles, assign/unassign loaner belts, and more!


In Kiosk+

To view Wodify Pulse in Kisok+, follow the steps below!

  1. Login to your Wodify Core Account and navigate to the bottom left side of the screen. Click into the 9 dot tile. Then click into Kiosk +.
  2. You will then choose your Kiosk + Display and click Apply. 

  3. Then from the Drop down menu choose Pulse and click apply.
  4. Once this is applied, your Pulse Belt Tiles will auto populate on the screen.

  5. If there are any loaner belts, these will auto-populate as well while showing Assign in the Tile. You will want to click Assign and a new screen will populate to choose a name from a client who is signed in. Click Assign.

  6. Once this loaner belt is assigned, another screen will pop up to enter in Biometric Data. Enter the correct information and click save.

  7. If you need to unassign a loaner belt, you can click unassign in the tile as shown.

On the Coachboard

When using Wodify Pulse, your kiosk will now have the Pick a Myzone Device footer underneath each signed-in client. 

  1. If a client may already have registered their personal device, so you may select this on the drop-down2021-04-26_12-04-01.png

  2. Otherwise, you may decide to assign a Loaner Device to a client by clicking Pick Myzone Device and selecting the device you wish to assign2021-04-26_12-04-39.png

  3. If you select Loaner Device, you must confirm your Biometric Data (Weight & Birthdate)

  4. Click OK and proceed. 

  5. Once the heart rate monitoring device has been placed properly on the body, the sensors will begin picking up a heartbeat, and the Wodify Pulse Icon will appear on the right side of the screen above the Appointments Circle.

  6. To view the tiles, click the Pulse Icon to view the tiles right on your screen:Pulse_Icon.png


If you need any additional assistance with using Wodify Pulse via the coachboard, feel free to reach out to us at via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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