What's New: January 13th, 2023


New! ๐Ÿš€

Core Updates

  • Targeted Announcements: Create announcements designed for all members, or specific programs or locations. You'll even be able to send push notifications to mobile devices.
  • Workout Builder 
    • Convert 1-time Exercises to Reusable Components: We added the ability to convert 1-time exercises to custom saved components to allow for quick and easy re-programming. Clients will also be able to track their results over time.


  • Wodify Retain
    • More prominent at-risk warning 
    • Additional filters added
  • In-App Chat: No longer displays inactive clients when searching for recipients.
  • Simple Sign-in: Dark Mode is now available.
  • Progressions: Admins can now manually set attendance tracker value.

Mobile App Updates

  • ICS Emails for Coaches: Coaches will now receive ICS emails when they are scheduled to coach a class which allows them to add events to their personal calendars.



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