What's New: January 27th, 2023


New! 🚀

Core Updates

  • Pulse for Kiosk+: Pulse users are now able to use Kiosk+ to display tiles, with features such as alphabetical listing and auto-resizing.


  • Redesigned Admin Retail pages: We’ve redesigned the retail pages to be faster, sleeker, and overall more modernized.



  • In-App Chat
    • Group Chat - Create a chat where several clients can talk in the same conversation
    • Multi Send - Easily send the same message to multiple individual clients
    • PDFs - Ability to attach and send PDF
  • Custom Reporting Tutorials: We're launching training resources for Custom Reporting. This is a great first step to getting the resources needed for various data visualizations.


Mobile App Updates

  • Default Tab Setting: This new setting allows users to select which tab is loaded first when they open their Wodify App.


  • Results Page Redesign: We also have redesigned the results page to be simpler and more user-friendly. Clients will be able to search for any component and add results in a more organized way.




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