What's New: February 10th, 2023


New! 🚀

Core Updates

  • Perform for Kiosk+:Our new Perform widget within Kiosk+ allows you to record clients’  results and display their performance history like never before.


  • Invoice Paid On Column: Our new paid-on column within Financial > Invoices gives a better first-glance analysis of client invoices to reduce clicks and improve the overall invoice experience. 


Mobile App Updates

  • Coach View - Editable Coaching Notes: Not only can coaches view notes to quickly reference them during class, but they can also make last-minute edits or add additional details to create consistent classes as the day progresses.


  • Coach View - Info Icons: We added new icons that display information pulled from client profiles such as Progression levels, Client Tags, unsigned Waiver notices, and more.


  • Coach View - Profile Pic Upload: We also have added the ability for coaches to upload profile pictures for clients. This ensures 100% profile pic adoption which plays a huge role in building community and also improving the social interaction experiences in the app.
  • Coach View - Progressions: Coaches can view progression-related info and even complete certain trackers for clients all in the palm of their hand without having to go to their computer.




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