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In the Coach View mode of the Wodify App, coaches can quickly view details about their client's booking history, basic details on the client profile, and made quick adjustments as needed.


In this article we will cover:

  • Adding a Client to Class
  • The Client Profile 
  • Book More Function
  • Reschedule Function (Appointments) 

Adding a Client to Class

From within Coach View, navigate to Schedule > Classes and select a class.

  • Tap Add Client 



The Client Profile 

After the client has been added to the attendee list you can tap their name to expand the booking details of the client. 



From here you can make several changes to the client's profile. Changes include:

  • Updating the profile picture
  • Canceling their sign in
  • Email any missing waivers to the profile
  • Adding any tags to the profile 
  • Adding any notes to the profile


Below the client's notes is a past history and upcoming list of classes and services the client has registered for. This will only show three at a time for each but you can expand this by tapping "Load More" if applicable. You can tap any of these to view the details of those bookings.


Book More

When you tap "Book More" you will be given a choice to pick either a class or appointment* to book the client under.


*Clients must have a corresponding class or appointment based membership that allows them to schedule in order to proceed   


If your gym has multiple locations, you can pick which location to pull up the schedule and review the schedule for the given week. When you find the day, class/appointment, you can proceed to book the client into it.



Re-Book Appointment

Sometimes it may be necessary to quickly adjust the schedule of client's appointments. To do this go into the Coach View > Appointments and find the appointment that needs to be rebooked. 


Tap into the appointment and then tap Rebook Appointment.



After you confirm the client(s) who need to be rebooked you will be brought to the calendar. This calendar will only show the days the original provider is available to accept the rescheduled appointment.

  1. Select the date of the reschedule
  2. Select the time of day 
  3. Book the appointment 



If you need any additional assistance with Coach View:Client Profile, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote & Grow only).




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