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Managing Waivers



Managing your Waivers can be done all in one place within Wodify Core! It is important to know how to navigate your Waivers, so you can locate, review, resend, or upload Waivers as needed! 


In this article, we will cover:


Reviewing Missing and Signed Waivers

  1. Go to Documents > Waivers
  2. Click on the Missing or Signed tab, to view a list of clients
  3. Review, re-send or upload any Waiver that has been assigned to an athlete
  4. If you need further assistance resending or uploading Waivers, continue to the next section

Resending Missing Waiver Links/Uploading a Missing Waiver

Resending your Waiver Links

  1. Go to Documents > Waivers > Missing
  2. Locate the Waiver you would like to resend
  3. Click the Envelope Icon in the Send column 


Uploading a Missing Waiver

  1. Go to Documents > Waiver > Missing
  2. Locate the Waiver you would like to upload
  3. Select the Cloud Icon in the Upload column
  4. Once selected, you will be prompted to upload a document



Filtering Unsigned or Missing Waivers

  1. Go to Documents > Waivers
  2. Navigate to Missing or Signed based on your needs
  3. Select Filter Waivers to apply one or multiple filters

Deleting Missing Waivers

You now have the option to delete any Missing Waivers in your account. There are two ways to delete waivers in Wodify.

Deleting Waivers from Missing Documents List:

  1. Go to Documents > Waivers
  2. Make sure you're on the Missing tab
  3. Select the Waiver (or Waivers) you'd like to delete
  4. Select the Trash Can Icon


Deleting Waivers from an Athlete Profile: 

  1. Go to the athlete's profile
  2. Select Documents
  3. Select Actions next to the Waiver you would like to Delete
  4. Select Delete

NOTE: After a Waiver is deleted, you will be able to see the date the Waiver was deleted, and the account that deleted the Waiver within the athlete profile

Exporting Waiver Information

  1. Go to Documents > Waivers
  2. Go to either Missing or Signed, depending on your needs
  3. Select the Waiver (or Waivers) you'd like to export
  4. Select the Download Icon


Converting a Signed Waiver to a Lead

If you have a Lead fill out a Waiver before creating a lead profile, you can easily convert their Waiver to a Lead profile. This will allow that Waiver to stay tied to the athlete, and the need to collect information from the Lead more than once. 


To Convert a Waiver to a Lead

  1. Go to Documents > Signed > Drop-In
  2. Locate the Drop-Ins Waiver and open the Waiver
  3. Select Convert to Lead

Locating a Waiver from an Athlete Profile

  1. Go to the Athlete Profile
  2. Select Documents
  3. Locate the Waiver for this athlete



More Information:

TIP: Wodify Blueprint Course - Protect your business with contracts and waivers

If you need any additional assistance with Managing Waivers, feel free to reach out to us at


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