How to Track Belt & Level Progression




This article will walk you through everything you need to know to manage Belt Tracking and Level Progression for your Clients in your Gym or Studio.


In this article, we will cover:


Assigning a Belt or Level to a Client Profile

  1. From the Client Profile Page, click the Tags Tab
  2. Type the Name of the Belt or Progression Level you wish to apply in the field. Once you have applied this once, it will be searchable in the field as well
  3. Select Add “Name of Belt / Progression



Creating Saved List Views of Belts / Progression Levels

  • Navigate to People > Clients
    • Here you will see the full Client List
  • Select the Filter clients Drop-down
  • Select User Tag
    • Select is
    • Select “Name of Belt / Progression
  • Make sure the “of the following” is set to All
  • Adjust any other filters
    • In the example below, I only want Active Clients, so I removed the default “On-Ramp” Filter
  • Select Save current filter
  • Name the Filter

Now you can easily view this filter anytime from its respective tab at the top of the widget



Bulk Updating Belt /Progression Levels

After testing, we know that you need to change the belt level for many of your Clients, all at once.

  • Navigate to your Filter you have saved for the Current Belt / Progression Level
  • Bulk Select the Clients you wish to adjust
  • Select the Bulk Actions Drop Down
  • Select Add User Tags
  • Type in the Belt / Progression Level in the field
  • Select Add
  • Bulk Select the Clients again
  • Select the Bulk Actions Drop Down
  • Select Remove Tags
  • Select the Old  Belt / Progression Level
  • Select Remove

These Clients will now appear under the new Belt or Progression Level. If you have not already, make sure to create a new saved filter for their new Level!



Tracking Class Attendance for Progression

If you wish to track the number of Classes a Client has attended as a metric for allowing them to change Belt or Progression Level, you can do so easily using the Insights - Attendance Dashboard

Note: This Feature is only available to Grow & Promote Tiered Subscriptions


  1. Navigate to Insights > Attendance
  2. Set the Date Range to the Desired Time Period
  3. Scroll Down to the Data Table
  4. Filter by Sign-Ins
    1. You can also download the Data Table from the top-right corner of the Data Table Widget




If you need any additional assistance with tracking Belt & Level Progressions, feel free to reach out to us at


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