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Converting Leads to Athletes




Once a potential new client is ready to become an official new client, you can convert them from Lead to Athlete in Wodify. This allows you to add memberships and payment methods, manage the more detailed Athlete profile, and gives the client access to the client-side of Wodify with your business.


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Converting Leads to Athletes

To convert a Lead to an Athlete:

  1. Go to People>Leads or use the Shift+S global user search, and click on the Lead's name to pull up their profile
  2. In the Actions menu (top right), select Convert Lead
  3. Fill out all required information about the client
    • Any info you've already gathered for the client (name, email, birthdate, etc) should be auto-filled
    • Promote users will also have the option to assign the client to a Group or create them as a Dependent
    • Required fields will be marked with a red asterisk (*)
  4. Click either Convert or Convert & Edit
    • Convert will save the new Athlete profile, and take you back to your People>Leads list
    • Convert & Edit will save the new Athlete profile and take you right to the new profile, so you can make any further details you need (adding payment details or memberships, applying tags, etc.)

Note: Once a Lead is converted to an Athlete, they can not be converted back to a Lead.


Default Converted Athlete Status

By default, athletes are given the On-Ramp status when they're converted to an Athlete. You have an option to update this default status on an individual level, or for all converted Leads.

For an individual

  • You can select the athlete's status from the Status dropdown menu when providing the required athlete info to convert them (see the screenshot above)

For all converted Leads

  • Go to People>Settings
  • Click into the Lead tab at the top of the page
  • Under Lead Conversion, choose the default status from the dropdown menu in Default Athlete Status


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