Managing Clients with Tags, Notes, and Custom Tabs


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Wodify offers a lot of different ways to track your clients, but there will always be details about clients that don't quite fit in with your default settings. We'll show you how you can note client profiles for your coaches' reference and quickly group them together for tracking and communication purposes.


Note: Tags and Notes in a client's profile will not be visible to the client, but will be visible to all Coaches, Managers, and Admins


In this article, we'll cover:


Adding Client Owner to a Client Profile

Within the Client Profile, you can now Assign an Employee to an individual to manage the lead/client relationship. This feature is also available for Leads as well. Please see the section on Search Tabs below, for the bootstrapped filters in the Client List.



With this exciting new update, you can use assigned staff members to manage lead follow-up assignments, establish a unique point of contact for members based on shared interests and demographics, or even assign new clients to a staff partner who will help them become acquainted with the culture of your gym. By establishing this familiar face for your client, you create more than a gym environment; you create a home for their wellness priorities.


Adding Tags to a Client's Profile

Tags are one-word labels you can apply to a client's profile, to group them together with other clients with the same tag, if that label isn't already applied by Wodify. This includes:

  • Clients that have borrowed equipment
  • Separating corporate clients from regular clients
  • Marking high-value clients, or at-risk clients

You can search for specific tags in your Client List (People > Clients), and you can set having or not having a specific tag as a rule in your Segments for quick communication.

To add a tag to a client:

  1. Find the client under People > Clients, and click on their name to pull up their profile
  2. In the purple bar at the top, to the right of their name and contact info, click into the Tags tab

  3. Start typing your tag into the text box in this section, and click Save once you're finished to apply the tag to this client

    • If it's a tag you've used before, it should appear as you type; click on it to apply the tag

Once the tag is added, you can remove it by clicking the pencil icon and hitting the x next to it


Once you begin adding tags to a client, the number of current tags they have should show next to the Tags tab in that client's profile.

Note: Do not include any spaces in your tags. While tags with spaces may still save, the spaces will cause errors in some searches by tag.


Adding Notes to a Client's Profile

Notes are designed for adding information to a client's profile that's specific to that client. This is not searchable info; it's meant just to alert your staff to any info that might not get collected by Wodify. This includes:

  • Medical history or conditions
  • Details of a special arrangement with the client
  • Specific requests from the client

To add a note to a client:

  1. Find the client under People > Clients, and click on their name to pull up their profile
  2. In the purple bar at the top, to the right of their name and contact info, click into the Notes tab
  3. Enter any notes you need into this field
  4. Notes will autosave, so all you need to do is click outside of the notes field to save

Once you've added a note to a client, a red dot will appear next to the Notes tab any time you pull up that client's profile


Creating Custom Search Tabs in the Client List

If you find yourself searching for the same group of clients under People > Clients over and over again, it might be worth saving that custom search as its own tab in that list of clients This would allow you to pull that custom search up quickly, by just clicking into the correct tab.


Note: This should work in other searches in Wodify, too; not just the list in People > Clients


To create a custom client search tab:

  1. Go to People > Clients
  2. Use the Filter button to the right of the search bar, to find the client list you want

    • If the grouping you want is not available as a search filter, you can tag those clients with the instructions above, and then search for them with the filter "Client Tag"
    • With adding in a client owner you can also view the bootstrapped tab to view Your Clients.
  3. Make sure you set "Any" or "All" next to "of the following:"

    • "Any" means that you are looking at a list of clients that meet at least one search filter requirement you've selected, but not necessarily all of them
    • "All" means that you are looking at a list of clients that meet every search filter requirement
  4. Once you've got your list defined, click the Save button
  5. Name this search
  6. Once you click Save, you can name this filtered list and see this search appear as a tab you can click into at the top of your client list

    • You'll also see that you now have the Delete current filter option for when you no longer need quick access to this custom search; only custom search tabs can be deleted

If you need any further assistance with Tags, Notes, or Custom Tabs, please reach out to us at support@wodify.comor via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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