Using the Appointment Calendar

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The Appointment Calendar will allow you to view, book, sign-in, and edit appointments all in one spot. 


In this article, we will cover: 


Adding Appointments from the Calendar

There are two ways you can add an appointment from Appointments > Calendar. Appointments can be booked on the Appointment Calendar directly at any time, regardless of the provider's availability.


To add an Appointment Directly on the Calendar:

  1. Select the date and time you would like the appointment to take place.
  2. A pop-up will appear where you can select the service, duration, date, time, provider, and client.



Note: if the client you select does not have an active Appointment Pack for the service you select, you'll see a warning at the bottom of this window. Click on More Options to either add an Appointment Pack, or book them as a Free Trial


To add an Appointment using the New Appointment button:

  1. Select the New Appointment button in the top corner of the screen.
  2. You will be taken to a new page where you can select the service, date, duration, start time, provider, and client. 



Signing In from the Calendar

From the Appointments Calendar, select the appointment you would like to sign into. Select 'SIGN IN' next to the Provider's name. Select 'SIGN IN' next to the Client's name. 


Filtering on the Calendar

From the Appointments Calendar, you are able to filter your view by location, service, or provider. All filter options will show under the week date range on the Calendar. 



If you filter by the provider, you will be able to see any availability, blocked times, or classes the provider is set to teach. 



If you need any additional assistance with Using the Appointment Calendar, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).



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