What's New: February 19th, 2021


New! 🚀

  • Delete Unsigned Waivers - Admins can now delete unsigned athlete waivers from an athlete's profile and from the Documents > Waivers > Missing screen. This provides more control to you over your Documents. You can even delete missing waivers in bulk in case you ever accidentally issue a new waiver to a bunch of athletes at once. Once a waiver is deleted, you can view when it was deleted and who deleted it on the Documents tab of an athlete's profile. 


  • New Information Added to Retail exports - We've added some additional columns to the Product and Inventory exports to provide more information to admins.
    • When exporting your Product List from Retail > Products, we've added a 'Cost per Unit' column to help you easily identify your profit margins on each of your retail items
    • When exporting your inventory information, we've added 'Cost per Unit', 'Price', and 'Barcode' columns for improved inventory tracking



Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Classes
    • New membership start date validation to prevent memberships from being added more than 2 years in the past
    • Bug fix to make it easier to input decimals into membership payment plans
    • UI improvements to the arrow selectors for Initial Commitment length in payment plans
  • Communication
    • Hyperlinks sent via Conversations will now function as expected
  • Financial 
    • Validation added to prevent numbers from being entered into the currency symbol field
  • Insights
    • Links to lead profiles from the Data Table in Insights > Leads have been fixed to correctly link to the lead profile
  • Online Sales Portal
    • When the Wodify athlete and non-Wodify athlete drop-in prices are the same, the price will no longer be displayed twice in the OSP to provide a cleaner user experience
  • People
    • Dummy email addresses used as identifiers for dependent athletes will no longer be displayed in the People > Athletes list for dependent athletes not in a group
  • Retail
    • Bug fixed when adding additional variant options to a Retail product
  • Rise, Arena, Live
    • Android users can now enter birth dates during registration without any issues
    • Rise - Glitchiness when switching between task guide and task list has been resolved
  • WOD
    • Validation added to the Bulk Copy WOD feature to ensure that the date you are copying from is before the day you are copying to



Coming soon… 

  • Rebuilt and redesigned Client App for all of your members
  • Continued bug fixes
  • Additional Insights Improvements for more customized reporting


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