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Wodify now offers the ability to use barcode scanners for quick Point of Sale checkout. Just scan the product's barcode and check out! Before adding barcodes, make sure you've built your product and, if necessary, created any variants (size, color, flavor, etc.)


In this article, we'll cover:

Note: Wodify does not provide barcode scanners directly. If you would like to purchase a barcode scanner for your business, here are our recommendations:


Adding barcodes to your retail products

Once you have a scanner, head to Retail > Products in Wodify Core, and click on the name of the product you want to add a barcode to

If this product does not have variants (size, color, flavor, etc.)

  • Scroll down to the Inventory section of the product
  • Click into the Barcode field
  • Scan the product
  • The numeric code should appear in the Barcode field when you scan
  • Scroll down and Save

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If this product does have variants

  • Scroll down to the Options section of the product
  • Click into the Barcode field next to each variant
  • Scan the corresponding barcode
  • The numeric code should appear in the Barcode field when you scan
  • Scroll down and Save

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Once you've saved, you're ready to begin scanning that product through your Point of Sale


How to scan your merchandise

As long as you've added a barcode to your product, you can scan that product at any time in the Cart section of Point of Sale, for quick easy checkout!

  • Go to your Point of Sale system in Wodify (click on the 9 squares icon in the bottom left corner)
  • Select Cart from the menu on the left side
  • Once you're in the Cart, scan the barcode on any products being purchased
  • You should get a green "Item added to cart" message when the scanned item is added to the cart
  • Repeat for any other products this client is purchasing
  • Check the client out whenever you're ready



Note: If you see a red error message that reads "No product with that Barcode found," this means that you are scanning a barcode that Wodify does not recognize.

  • Make sure you're scanning the whole barcode
  • Keep in mind that some products, like books, may have two barcodes; but products in Wodify can only have one, so check for any other barcodes on the product


Creating Custom Barcodes

Some products may not come with their own barcodes (custom-printed t-shirts, for example); if you want to add barcodes to these products, you can use a third-party company to create custom barcodes, and then scan them right into Wodify.

Our best recommendation for custom barcodes is, but you should be able to use any custom barcode software if you have another preference.

  • Either way, you'll want to decide if you want to print the barcodes yourself or have a company print and ship the labels to you.
  • If you decide to print the labels yourself, you will need to pick what size labels you want. We recommend Template 5160 (1 x 2 ⅝” size) found here: Suggested Avery Label Templates 

Below, we’ll go over the steps to use’s label-making tool on the Avery - Design & Print Labels Site.

  1. Sign up for an Avery account.
  2. Click the Start Designing button
  3. Scroll through the Featured Templates and select a label size.
    • If you are printing the labels yourself, be sure the selected template matches the label size and template number that you purchased. As mentioned, we suggest going with Template Number 5160
  4. Select the empty label design
  5. On the left, click More
  6. Click QR Codes and Barcodes, then click Add Barcode or QR code button
  7. We recommend manually entering in each barcode for your products and product variants.
  8. Save your barcode label designs in your Avery account so you can easily print additional labels in the future.
  9. Continue through the steps and select to either have the labels printed for you or print them yourself (via the generated PDF document).
  10. If you are printing the labels yourself, we suggest first printing a test page on regular, non-label paper.


For more information, you can visit - How to Create Your Own Barcodes 

TIP: If you have products with custom barcodes that you scan frequently, try printing out and labeling a sheet of your custom barcodes to keep next to your register. Instead of adding a printed barcode to each product by hand, you can just scan the correct code from this sheet when a client wants to purchase that product!


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If you need any further assistance with using the Barcode Scanner, please feel free to reach out at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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